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Sealed Agm Battery Is Often Mistaken For Gel Batteries


  What is the difference between gel battery and Sealed AGM Battery?

  AGM (absorbent glass mat) uses a specially designed glass mat designed to absorb the battery electrolyte between the battery panels. The Sealed AGM Battery only contains enough liquid to keep the cushion wet by the electrolyte. If the battery is damaged, there will be no free liquid leakage.

  Gel batteries contain a kind of silica gel in which battery electrolyte is suspended. This viscous paste-like material allows electrons to flow between the plates, but if the casing breaks, it will not leak from the battery.

  The sealed AGM Battery is often mistaken for gel batteries. The two batteries have similar characteristics; for example, non-spillable, deep circulation, can be installed in any location, low self-emission, safe use in limited ventilation areas, and can be safely transported in the air or on the ground without special handling.

  When a large amount of current may be required, Sealed AGM Battery is the first choice. In most cases, charging can be done by using a high-quality standard battery charger or engine alternator. Life expectancy; if the battery discharge between two charges does not exceed 60%, in most Sealed AGM Battery, the cycle life or number of years is still very good. Some Sealed AGM Battery we sell has excellent deep cycle capability of over 80%.

  The cost of gel batteries is usually slightly higher, and they cannot provide the same power capacity as the Sealed AGM Battery of the same physical size. The gel cell battery is good at a slow discharge rate and slightly higher ambient operating temperature. One of the major problems that gel batteries must solve is the gel charging curve. Gel batteries must be charged correctly, otherwise, the batteries will fail prematurely. The battery charger used to charge the battery must be designed or adjusted for the gel battery.

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