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Three Misunderstandings About Sealed Agm Battery


  More and more batteries are packed into the trunk and under the seats of some vehicles. If the battery is not under the hood, it is probably a Sealed Agm Battery or a gel battery. Since Sealed Agm Battery is sealed, it can avoid acid leakage in accidents. They can also be installed at strange angles.

  Battery manufacturers can reduce a few pounds of weight from the vehicle because these batteries provide a lot of energy for their size and weight. This is an important reason why they are increasingly appearing on new vehicles.

  The following are three misunderstandings about Sealed Agm Battery:

  You can use conventional battery chargers on Sealed Agm Battery or Gel battery.

  Sealed AGM batteries and gel batteries are tested in the same way as traditional batteries.

  Sealed AGM Battery or gel battery replacement is the same as flooded battery replacement.

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