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How To Judge Battery Cycle Life


    The impedance of the internal resistance of the storage battery will increase due to the increase in the discharge amount, especially when the discharge is terminated. If it is allowed to continue to discharge after lead sulfate forms a stable white crystal, even if it is charged, the active material of the plate cannot be restored to its original state, which will shorten the service life of the battery.

    Battery cycle life refers to the number of repeated discharges a battery can experience. The life of the battery is inversely proportional to the capacity, and the cycle life is also closely related to the charging and discharging conditions. Generally, the larger the charging current, the shorter the cycle life. Life is an indicator of the decay rate of the battery capacity. decay is inevitable.

    When the battery capacity decays to a certain value, it can be judged that the life is over. According to the newly formulated electric bicycle charging station and electric bicycle special battery standard, the battery life is represented by the number of discharge cycles of 70% of the fixed capacity, and the qualified bottom line is 350 times. Therefore, for users whose daily traffic distance is less than 30KM, if charging The machine, controller, charger, etc. are all good. Using the correct method, the shortest service time of a set of better batteries should be more than one year. It should be guaranteed.