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A Good Quality UPS Battery Depends On These Factors


    Excellent short-time (usually ≤30min) constant power output characteristics mean that the capacity of the battery can be reduced under the same load backup time requirement, thereby reducing the cost of the battery; or using the same capacity battery configuration, the total backup of the UPS system can be increased. time. Other than that, look at these points.
high energy density
    Selecting the appropriate battery type and capacity, designing a reasonable assembly structure, optimizing the use of the computer room space, and improving the overall energy density of the battery pack, is conducive to reducing the area and cost of the computer room.
    High stability
    During the effective life of the battery, the failure rate should be low, and the maintenance or replacement caused by the failure or sudden failure of individual batteries should be avoided as much as possible, which is of great significance to the safety and stability of the entire battery system in the later stage.
    Fire retardant
    The plastic material of the UPS battery shell should meet the V0 flame retardant standard. All exposed metal parts of the battery terminals, connectors, and output bus terminals should be insulated and protected, and the battery rack should be grounded.
    The consistency of the capacity, open circuit voltage, float voltage, and other indicators of each cell of the UPS battery pack should comply with relevant standards.
    Shock resistance
    The UPS battery rack is designed to meet the requirements of grade 8 intensity, and it is recommended to use a soft connection for the connection between the batteries.