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Why Lead-Acid Batteries Are The First Choice For Electric Vehicles


    If you use electric vehicles, you should pay more attention to cost-effectiveness, which is more economical. There is no doubt that lead-acid batteries are the first choice. Why do you say this?

    One of the advantages is the low price. 75% of lead-acid batteries are lead plates, and the price of lead metal is much cheaper than that of lithium metal. The electrolyte of lead-acid batteries is a fusion of sulfuric acid and water, and the electrolyte of lithium batteries is It is composed of lithium salt and organic solvent, and the manufacturing process will be higher. Therefore, the purchase price of lead-acid batteries is very low, which is basically about one-third of that of lithium batteries.

    Second, it can be repaired. Compared with lithium batteries, which are disposable batteries, they can only be replaced when they are broken. However, lead-acid batteries can replenish water when the electrolyte loses water. The aging of batteries can be repaired by pulse technology. As a repairable battery, it is easier Use high cost performance.

    Finally, it is recyclable. After the lead-acid battery is scrapped, it is not "waste", but has high reuse value. Therefore, many businesses will recycle or trade in lead-acid batteries that are scrapped. Its recycling price is About a third of the new battery.