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This Battery Is Also Called Sealed Maintenance-free Battery


  Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery and Sealed Gel Battery-both have excellent advantages in applications ranging from automobiles to power grids.

  Rechargeable batteries are flooded

  Liquid rechargeable batteries (also called wet batteries) contain sulfuric acid or a liquid mixture of lead and water.

  Because the liquid is corrosive, it requires high maintenance and careful handling. It may be damaged due to forced movement.

  It needs regular care to perform well. Especially in extreme climates, this can easily cause damage because the water inside will evaporate or freeze. Use the battery only under proper ventilation conditions.

  Despite these requirements, fully charged rechargeable batteries are a good choice in backup power applications. They are widely used in backup power supplies, utilities, telecommunications, and grid energy storage.

  Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery

  This battery is also called Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery. They do not contain liquid but have a built-in temperature-compensated hydrometer that can indicate the relative density and level of the electrolyte. Various colors are displayed to indicate the charging status.

  Green means that it is fully charged and usable, green or black means it needs to be charged, and light yellow means it has an internal failure and the battery needs to be replaced or tested.

  When the battery is in this state, the jumper must not be used to start the engine, but a new battery must be installed and the alternator must be checked for normal operation.

  There are two types of sealed rechargeable batteries, including gel and AGM (absorbent glass mat). Gel batteries contain putty-like substances, while AGM contains special acid-saturated glass fiber mats.

  AGM batteries are more powerful and cost-effective than gel batteries, but gel batteries have a longer service life. The main advantage of a sealed, maintenance-free battery is that the internal electrolyte is completely absorbed by the separator, and no water needs to be added.

  It does not require regular maintenance or ventilation and can withstand different climates better than flooding. This also tends to charge faster than a fully charged battery.

  A sealed Maintenance-Free Battery is usually used as an inverter battery. They are also used in off-grid power systems, robotics, and some ATVs and motorcycles.

  Both liquid-filled and sealed rechargeable batteries play an important role and have high advantages. However, it is also easier and easier to use sealed, maintenance-free batteries, which is also true. This is why they are used more and more by motorists all over the world. Therefore, please purchase rechargeable batteries immediately as needed, whether it is fully charged or SMF.