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The Service Life Of Sealed Gel Battery Is Usually Expressed By Duty Cycle

  The right diet and exercise can help you live longer and healthier, and in the same way, the proper care and maintenance of the Sealed Gel Battery can make it last longer.

  Of course, this is a double-edged sword. Just as an actuary can tell you the exact number of minutes to smoke another cigarette will shorten your lifespan, every time you discharge the Sealed Gel Battery, it will shorten its lifespan in an irreversible way. This is just a function of the working principle of Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery.

  Duty cycle and dead cells

  The service life of a Sealed Gel Battery is usually expressed in terms of duty cycle. The same term is used for all types of batteries, so there is no specific definition in each application. For example, some batteries are designed to be completely discharged, while other batteries are designed to always be fully charged.

  Since traditional lead-acid batteries belong to the second category, the "duty cycle" of Sealed Gel Battery includes a given percentage of fuel consumption, and when fully charged, so that the service life can be extended.

  If everything is working properly with your support, then all of this shouldn't be a problem. Normally, it consumes a little electricity while driving, but the alternator will charge it while you are driving. Similarly, during driving, any power used by the car accessories should be provided by the alternator, so the battery will never "cycle" to a position deeper than the designed depth.

  When things don't work properly, and the battery discharges beyond the expected range, then there is a problem.

  Similarly, if you find that the headlights or instrument lights are dimmed, the charging warning light is on or the voltmeter on the instrument panel drops below 14.2 volts, all of this indicates that the alternator is not charging as expected, which may also be very fast Lead to excessive battery drain.