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The Charging Mode Of The Car Battery Will Affect The Safe Use Of The Car


    Different types of batteries have different charging procedures, especially the charging mode of ordinary wet lead-acid batteries, and the charging mode of AGM batteries with the start-stop mode is very different. Because of high current discharge, energy management, and deep charging current, not only will the battery be damaged prematurely, but it may also cause the entire system to fail to operate normally.

    Some models have an intelligent battery management control module. If the EFB or AGM battery is replaced by a common battery, there is generally no program corresponding to the common lead-acid battery in the battery management control module system, and the initialization of the battery cannot be completed, that is to say, The battery management and control module does not recognize ordinary lead-acid batteries. At the same time, the control network and power consumption system of these vehicles are also relatively complex, which means that the vehicle does not recognize ordinary lead-acid batteries, which will cause many systems on the vehicle to fail to work properly.

    With the wide application of the car's idling start-stop function, the high cycle life of the adsorption glass wool separator lead-acid battery (AGM) can meet the frequent idling start-stop conditions of the car, but it will eventually need to be replaced at the end of its life.

    For some vehicles with a start-stop system, even if the battery required by the original vehicle is used, if there is no matching or there is a problem with the matching data, the vehicle system will report an error and hide the problem that has not occurred.