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Sealed Agm Battery Is Tested In The Same Way As Traditional Batteries


  You can use conventional battery chargers on Sealed Agm Battery or Gel battery.

  Incorrect. These batteries like to charge slowly. Many AGM/gel battery chargers have a microprocessor that can collect information from the battery and adjust the current and voltage accordingly. Some have different settings to charge the flooded, gel, and Sealed AGM Battery. Overcharging will kill these batteries. In addition, the alternator is not a charger. Do not rely on the alternator to complete the work of the charger. If the battery is discharged to the point where the vehicle cannot be started, use the charger as soon as possible to ensure that the battery is fully charged.

  The sealed AGM Battery is tested in the same way as traditional batteries.

  Incorrect. These types of batteries have lower internal resistance than flooded batteries. Older capacitor battery testers/analyzers may not be able to accurately read these batteries. Most new battery analyzers have a special mode of Sealed Agm Battery/gel battery. Old-fashioned load testers may not provide conclusive results.

  Replacement of Sealed AGM Battery is the same as replacement of the flooded battery.

  true and false. Although the battery installation of the two battery types may be the same, some vehicles require additional steps to tell the vehicle that the battery has been replaced. Newer vehicles have battery sensor modules or similar systems. If the battery is replaced, these systems need to be recalibrated using the scanning tool. If the system is not recalibrated, the alternator may overcharge the new battery and cause the replaced battery to quickly fail.

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