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Sealed 12v Battery Generally Has A Lower Price And A Longer Cycle Life


  Sealed 12v Battery maintenance tips-prolong the service life and service life:

  The two most important tools for taking readings from the battery pack are the hydrometer and the voltmeter

  The manufacturer recommends that the number of strings in each battery pack should not exceed 2 to ensure the maximum amperage per string in 4 hours. In this way, the battery can enter the next stage of the charging process and then begin to cool down. All of this is to restore the battery to a 110% state of charge.

  The depth of discharge of the battery pack should not exceed 50%, ideally 30%

  Ideally, the battery pack in an off-grid system should be fully charged before morning/afternoon-the voltmeter reading 2.12V per battery and the specific gravity reading is 1.265 or higher, indicating that the battery is fully charged

  The "perfect" battery cycle for best performance is: fully charged in the morning/early afternoon-then floated/rested throughout the afternoon/evening-then discharged throughout the night-and recharged in the morning/evening

  For the prohibited capacity of every 100 Ah battery, the recommended charging current is 8-12A of the output current

  Charging must restore 100% of the battery power to ensure the required performance and life, and to be fully charged, approximately 110% of the power must be replaced. example:

  The 400Ah battery pack is discharged to 50% DOD. 200 Ah was removed, so 222 Ah (110%) must be replaced

  50A rated charge controller, correction rate is 60% = 30A can output current

  This is equivalent to fully charging the battery pack in 7.4 hours (222 Ah / 30A)

  The size of the battery cable should be able to withstand the expected load. The values ​​in the table below apply to cables less than 6 feet in length.