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Matching Of Solar Cells And Accumulators


    At present, there are many types and specifications of solar cell products, and storage batteries generally have 6V, 12V, and 24V. So how to connect solar cells and batteries? If the charging rate of the battery is selected at C10 and the compensation value of charging is 1.4 times, then a battery with a rated voltage of 12V should be equipped with a solar cell whose voltage should be around 12V×1.4=16.8V. This voltage value has been Close to the limit charging voltage of the battery. The same is true for charging a mobile phone battery with a solar cell. The higher the charging voltage, the greater the charging power. Then the other charging time and charging compensation value must be calculated separately. When the solar cell is charged in parallel with the battery, care should also be taken to prevent the light from the solar cell from being blocked by trees and buildings, or the solar cell cannot generate electricity in cloudy days and nights, so a rectifier diode must be connected in series in the circuit to prevent solar energy. When the battery voltage drops or does not generate electricity, pay attention to selecting the same internal resistance when using diodes in parallel with the reverse discharge of the battery to the solar cell.

    For high-power solar cell modules (small power is exempt). In order to prevent the solar cells from being blocked under strong light, some of them will become the load and cause serious heat damage due to the lack of light. It is best to connect a bypass diode in parallel between the two poles of the output end of the solar cell module. The current value of this solar module.