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Maintenance skills of 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery


  Maintenance skills of 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery

  The 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery requires regular maintenance to operate normally. We recommend checking every 2-4 weeks to adjust the power of the battery pack.

  Note: When handling batteries, always follow the correct safety procedures. Put on goggles and gloves, remove all jewelry, and fix loose clothing and long hair.

  Add distilled water every 2-4 weeks

  Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers' 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery loses water during charging. Distilled water must be regularly replenished with water to make it function normally and maintain health.

  Please note that you can only use distilled water. Non-distilled water (such as tap water) can introduce small particles and contaminants, which can weaken battery chemistry.

  Check the water level every 15 to 30 days and add water if necessary. Your watering schedule depends on your local climate, fee settings, and specific applications. It may be useful to keep a log to track how often the battery needs to be refilled.

  Check the water level after the 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery is fully charged.

  Open the vent to check the water level.

  Add water to below the maximum water level. Do not exceed this trip. The battery installation manual should indicate where to find the maximum watermark.