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What Are The Advantages Of Gel Batteries In The Market?


 Since colloidal batteries appeared on the market, they have always been popular with the public for their quality, environmental protection, and strong functionality. There are also many domestic battery factories that produce colloidal batteries, forming a series of sealed deep cycle battery products. And what are the advantages of the gel battery that the public has seen?

  One is of high quality and long cycle life. The colloidal electrolyte can form a solid protective layer around the electrode plate, protect the electrode plate from damage and rupture due to vibration or collision, and prevent the electrode plate from being corroded. It has good physical and chemical protection, twice the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

  Second, it is safe to use, beneficial to environmental protection and belongs to the true sense of green power. The electrolyte of the gel battery is solid, with a sealed structure, and the gel electrolyte never leaks, so that the specific gravity of each part in the battery is consistent. Using a special calcium-lead-tin alloy grid, it is more corrosion-resistant and has better-charging acceptance. Ultra-high-strength separators are used to prevent short circuits. Imported high-quality safety valve, precise valve control to adjust the pressure. Equipped with filter acid mist explosion-proof device, more safe and reliable. There is no acid mist gas precipitation during use, no electrolyte spillage, no harmful elements to the human body during the production process, non-toxic, non-polluting, preventing a large amount of electrolyte leakage and penetration during the use of traditional lead-acid batteries. The float current is small, the battery generates less heat, and the electrolyte does not have acid stratification.

  Its third deep discharge cycle performance is good. When the battery is deeply discharged and then replenished in time, the capacity can be recharged 100%, which can meet the needs of high frequency and deep discharge, so its use range is wider than that of lead-acid batteries.

  How will the development of colloidal batteries develop in the future? Let's stay tuned.