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Frequently Asked Questions About Sealed 12v Battery


  Frequently Asked Questions about Sealed 12v Battery

  What charger should I use for my Sealed 12v Battery?

  Certain applications will automatically charge the Sealed 12v Battery, such as an alarm or backup system. You do not need to remove the battery and place it on the charger.

  If your application does require a charger, you usually need a charger that is approximately 10% of the battery capacity rating (charging in 20 hours).

  For example, if you want to charge a 12 volt, 20 amp-hour battery, you can choose a 12-volt charger with a charging output of approximately 2 amps (20 x 0.10 = 2)).

  What Sealed 12v Battery should I purchase for my application?

  We recommend starting with voltage and size. Most Sealed 12v Battery can be matched with this information. Then, you should check the terminal size and type. If the battery uses spade (sometimes called blade) terminals, this is important because they come in two sizes: F1 and F2.

  What is the life span of the Sealed 12v Battery?

  The overall life of a battery depends on many factors, including its installed applications, operating temperature, and charging method. Most Sealed 12v Battery can last 300-500 cycles (charging).

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