At present, the operation of batteries has entered into all aspects of people's products and life, and lead-acid batteries are the most common bone. Compared with styles similar as raising water position for energy storehouse, electrolysis of water for hydrogen product and hydrogen storehouse, and other styles, the battery has a unique point of high electric energy storehouse effectiveness, and can fluently form a variety of power operation systems of different voltages and capacities; Easy to use, it's veritably suitable for use as a working power force and exigency backup power force for colorful mobile bias.

There are presently three types of battery capacity tests in China

1. Constant current discharge, timing, voltage termination. This system is a system specified by IEC, and China's final determination of battery capacity is grounded on this. For other test styles, the delicacy is also measured by other styles compared with this system.

2. The system of testing internal resistance, the core of which is to reverse the battery capacity by testing the internal resistance of the battery. First of all, there should be previous experience, and the computation data should be corrected by previous experience. Under the condition of inaccurate previous experience, the test error is veritably large. Especially after the creation of palpitation conservation to exclude vulcanization, the internal resistance of the battery decreases significantly, which frequently leads to the large capacity of the test battery, which is actually not that large.

3. High current discharge system

Just for reference. In some batteries that achieve immediate high-rate discharge, the reflected capacity is also too large, and the reflected capacity of the vulcanized battery is lower than the factual capacity.

There's also the memory and literacy function presently used in scrapbooks to prognosticate the battery capacity and remaining capacity. The total quantum needs to be used for a period of time, and a deep discharge of the battery is needed to restore memory and literacy functions.