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Compared With EFP Batteries, AGM Batteries Have These Advantages


    AGM batteries are absorbable fiberglass mesh batteries. AGM battery life is about 4-6 years. EFB battery life is 3-5. The AGM battery is an ultra-fine glass fiber battery with a charging limit voltage of 14.5V. When choosing a charger, you need to choose a special charger for AGM. The materials of AGM, EFP, and ordinary batteries are different. European cars and American cars are mainly equipped with AGM; Japanese cars are mainly equipped with EFB; AGM batteries are the most expensive. Compared with ordinary batteries, AGM is more than 3 times more expensive; EFB is about 2 times more expensive than ordinary batteries.

    Compared with the same specification battery, the price is higher, but it has the following advantages:

    1. The cycle charging capacity is 3 times higher than that of lead-calcium batteries and has a longer service life.

    2. Higher capacitance stability throughout the life cycle.

    3. Low temperature starting is more reliable.

    4. Reduce the risk of accidents and reduce the risk of environmental pollution (because the acid is 100% sealed).

    Compared with other batteries, AGM batteries have higher safety and are suitable for use in some series and parallel high-power applications.