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Actively Pay Attention To The Maintenance Of 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery


    Actively pay attention to the maintenance of the 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery and pay attention when the replacement time is approaching. This will ensure that you can choose to replace the battery according to your own wishes, including proper research and convenient scheduling.

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  The annual inspection should be part of the car owner's daily maintenance, but it is especially important to check before a long journey.

  According to research, the service life of the 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery is usually 3 to 5 years. It lasts for 58 months or more from the farthest northern area of ​​the United States to less than 41 months for the southernmost area.

  Although almost all car batteries today are "maintenance-free", we recommend that a mechanic carry out a load test on the battery every year (if you live in a warmer environment, the battery life is 2 years, if you live in a cold In the environment, the battery life is 4 years. This can test its ability to maintain voltage during use, and the result will let you know when to start shopping.

  The life of the 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery also strongly suggests that it is time to consider replacing the battery. The date can be found on the sticker on the top or side of the battery. Batteries manufactured in October 2021 will have a digital code of 10/21 or an alphanumeric code of K-1. "A" stands for January, "B" stands for February, and so on (the letter "I" is skipped).

  Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers’ batteries should fit your car and meet driving needs

  There are many sizes of car batteries. Among the products we have tested, there are significant differences between the best products of different years and different sizes. This makes it impossible to make simple suggestions by brand or model. This also means that you should not assume that buying the battery model you want to replace will achieve the same result.

  Make sure to get the size and end position (or type) that fit your vehicle. Before shopping, please read the owner's manual or the in-store fitness guide.

  In some cases, car owners can replace AGM batteries with traditional submerged AGM batteries to increase the service life in hot climates, but it is best to consult a mechanic first. Many cars are equipped with AGM to support more and more electrical components, and the charging system may be specifically configured for AGM batteries.