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12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery maintenance tips


  12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery maintenance tips

  The following are some tips for maintaining a 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery. Try to follow these in order to maintain their long-term operation and extend their service life:

  Clean the top of the battery and make sure it is free of dust and dirt. In addition, clean the terminals and cables to avoid corrosion buildup.

  Charge the battery as needed. Ensure that it is fully charged when not in use.

  If your battery is charging slowly or has not been charged even after being connected to the power supply for several hours, we recommend that you check the battery for any bumps or cracks. If you find anything, it means they may be defective or damaged.

  In winter, make sure your battery is trickle-charged to keep it fully charged. Immediately replace batteries that cannot handle deep discharge. Replacing one chemical battery with another chemical battery will affect battery life.

  Do not mix old batteries with new batteries, as this will reduce the performance of the device and may even damage the device.

  Store the battery in an acid-proof safe box to prevent the effects of vibration and shock. Exposure to vibration will shorten the life of the battery.

  Monitor the liquid level (electrolyte) in the wet cell and refill it when needed.

  Lubricate your corrosion-resistant battery to extend its shelf life.

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