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12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery Is Your Most Reliable Partner


  12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery is manufactured with gel suspension electrolyte and advanced valve control technology, which can avoid acid leakage and frequent maintenance

  The corrosion-resistant grid can achieve a design life of up to 12 years in standby applications, and more than 750 charges/discharge cycles with 50% DOD in cyclic applications

  Renogy deep-cycle hybrid gel battery is made of high-purity materials, which reduces the monthly self-discharge rate to less than 3% at 77°F (25°C), which is 5 times lower than that of rechargeable batteries

  Proprietary plate composition and patented gel electrolyte ensure excellent recovery ability after excessive deep discharge

  Reliable partner

  The 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery is not only suitable for RVs, boats, medical equipment, and lawnmowers. It can also provide emergency power for telecommunication systems, security systems, and emergency lighting systems.

  Serial and parallel

  Connect multiple batteries in series or parallel battery packs to keep the system powered.

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